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A Comprehensive Selection of Products and Programs Using an extensive network of product providers, CFG is able to offer very competitive solutions available in the industry. And, our network consists of well-recognized, nationally known firms, so you will feel confident that you have some of America's most established financial services providers behind you and your financial success.

 Our areas of specialty include:

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Wealth Accumulation** Whatever your long-term savings goals may be -- a college education, a vacation home, early retirement, or leaving a legacy to your heirs or a favorite charity - CFG can help you establish a plan for accumulating and maintaining wealth to help ensure your goals will be achieved. Our college planning associates assist clients in determining how to plan and provide for higher education costs. Various techniques may include 529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and other strategies. Additionally, using certain charitable giving techniques, we can help our clients pursue their philanthropic desires.

Retirement Planning
One of people's biggest fears today is not being able to maintain their current lifestyle during retirement, or worse yet, outliving their retirement funds. With proper retirement planning, you can work toward having the lifestyle you've always wanted, regardless of how long you and your spouse may live. That's where CFG can help. We'll evaluate your current situation and project the amount of income you'll need to maintain your lifestyle, and recommend ways to help manage pensions and retirement funds needed to help you reach your retirement goals.






Estate PlanningIt's disturbing to think that estate taxes may cost your heirs nearly half of the value of your estate. And, up to 70 percent of the value of your retirement plan may be lost at your death. To help you preserve what you've worked hard to build and to help assure that your assets are adequate to provide for your heirs, our team of professionals can help you with your estate-planning needs such as repositioning your assets, take advantage of gift programs and tax-advantage prepayment programs, and identify correct ownership. These services will help you to pass on your estate according to your wishes by potentially reducing the burden of estate settlement costs for your heirs.

Business Planning and Selective Benefits
CFG professionals can provide a variety of solutions to help you plan for the eventual transfer of your business to your heirs or associates. Through careful business continuation planning, you can feel confident that your business, and the people whose incomes and lives depend upon it, will succeed, even when you are no longer at the helm. And, to help you meet the challenge of attracting and retaining key employees, CFG professionals can design a selective benefits program specific to your needs. Over time, a well-constructed selective benefits program can actually contribute to your company's bottom line. Our areas of business planning specialty include Selective Benefits·Salary Continuation ·Deferred Compensation ·Tax-Advantaged Estate Tax Prepayment ·Split-Dollar Plans ·419(a) Plans ·Disability Coverage ·Personal Tax, Financial and Estate Planning for Owners and Executives Key Employee Programs·“Golden Handcuffs” Plan ·Key Employee Insurance Qualified Plans·401(k) ·Profit-Sharing ·Social Security Integration ·Income and Age Weighted ·Money Purchase ·Defined Benefits Tax-Advantaged Buy-Sell and Stock Redemption Funding·Death and Disability ·Retirement.












*Investment and Tax Planning Two critical factors to consider when investing are your tax rate and inflation. Without proper planning, these two factors can have a devastating effect on the overall performance of an investment program. The professionals at CFG help clients manage their investment programs by taking advantage of favorable tax laws. In addition, by using asset allocation techniques, we demonstrate to our clients' various strategies to help manage their investment returns while helping to help plan for market volatility. Asset Allocation helps to mitigate market volatility but does not assure against market loss in a declining market.  These techniques help to position their investments against the potential erosion that may be caused by inflation. Our emphasis on investment management services, coupled with our relationships with established, respected firms, helps us to customize portfolios based on each client's specific goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.